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Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Chromebook Experience

The quest for a really portable and light laptop, the kind you can carry without worrying about the weight of the thing, has been on my wishlist for a few years now. Most portable ultrabooks with decent hardware specs are pricey and the cost-benefit analysis did not justify a purchase. So I started scouring for second hand deals online. Yesterday I landed a deal on an old Samsung Chromebook that set me off by around 5500 INR. Pretty good deal for a portable laptop.

For most parts, my initial impression of the Chromebook has been positive. What a practical portable device. Boots up instantly, a fully functional web browser which supports everything you would expect it to. Although it lags a little when you are multitasking on too many tabs, but for the price I cannot really complain. I have been telling myself how a portable laptop will help me revive my blog and the ease of carrying the device, means I should have it on me when I travel. For now, these are my first words from here and hopefully more would come.


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